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Elephant Meditations
Aldi Love Song, 2016

(sonic performance and installation project)

This auditive intervention wants to constitute a body of work as an analysis device that opens questions about the lack of control one has over the sounds in commercial or semi-public places, or, quoting Marc Augé, “non-places”.
The main object of analysis in this exercise is the characteristic of the ʻbeepʼ sounds made by cashier machines, exhaustively projected into the public space of shopping centers and supermarket payment areas.

The projectʼs first aim is to collect and analyze the sound-beeps and determine the influence that they could have on our experience in “non-places”. Also, to examine the particularities of these kind of micro-sounds and the effect/affect that they may have on individuals through long time exposure. In some cases the characteristics of those beep sounds may resemble well-known musical intervals and could even trigger tedious "earworms" for the innocent consumer.

In this sense, the project questions whether there is truly a constant surveillance, or, the politics of control have already successfully established a perennial feeling of paranoia, that could be another kind of subliminal surveillance in nowadays societies of control.

Lastly, the presentation of this experience is thought as a sound intervention, via the installation of a set of loudspeakers, transmitting the process of destruction and re- construction of these common sonic places a.k.a. ʻbeepʼ sounds.

Technical: laptop, 8 Loudspeakers, amplifiers, long cables.

(at SPEKTRUM, with CryptoParty, ASta Udk Berlin and Lai-Grieg)
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