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Credits images: Tsarino Foundation
Fiesta del Sol

2020 and 2022

Disco ball, photographic print on PVC, solar panel, electromotor

A disco ball spins over the famous photograph of the Earth known as the Blue Marble, driven by a solar-powered motor. Fiesta del Sol was conceived to alleviate the lack of dancing, especially during the first stage of the pandemic. Indeed, in a very symbolic way: the sun ritualistically activates a disco ball every time it appears. As a result, the disco ball hovers over planet earth as if it were a vast alien mothership, which could well be saving the world ⁠— with a dance.
@Razklon Gallery. Tsarino Foundation (South of Bulgaria)
The Blue Marble is an image of Earth taken on December 7, 1972, from a distance of about 29,000 kilometers (18,000 miles) from the planet's surface.[1][2][3] It was taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft on its way to the Moon, and is one of the most reproduced images in history.[4][5][a]

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