Julio Lugon
A Finite Sound
Medium project
Plastic Cube
Cinta Scotch
Chairs Unavailable to Humans
Philosophers Drinking Water
Aristotle´s Jungle
Radio Jurassic
Elephant Dung hits the Fan
Impossible cables/projects
Todas las Cosas
Comoauto (Notes on a development in Stop-motion)
Aldi Love Song
Retòriques Urbanes
Animal Collectiveness
La Jungla de Aristóteles #3
Palmera sobre Colom
Torta de Pierna
Igual se baila
Fiesta del Sol
Featured in
Selected Paintings
Hipertaller n.1: El Nicho Ecológico del Sonido
Acousmatic Music and Loudspeaker Orchestras
Video by Kino-A
Pira Lemu´s Bandcamp
Pira Lemu
DIY/Circuit bending
A Sonic Mirage
The Lair Guardian
LP 2007
Shania Twins (with Muriel Holguín). Video by Visible Media, 2017
Arista Festival @ Casona Camaná, 2015
Trifasico: Ant3na @ Bulbo, 2015
Lima Grita @ Casona Santa Beatriz, 2018
Ritmos de Planta
early electronic set-up pictures: Click Here
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

Elephant Meditations
Wild little plant growing on synth grass
early live as toastingdubz gifs: Click Here
Outsider dj set @ LA RARA (Lima, 2019)
Media Magia