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Cráter launches in 2022 with its first edition of a residency for artistic research in La Palma, Canary Islands. International sound artists, artists and composers from 5 countries are part of this first experiment, including Spain, Germany, Austria, Perú and Iraq. The artists are invited to investigate site-specific peculiarities of the island, exploring its sounds and listening perspectives as well as any rhythmic structures. What are the sounds and rhythms specific to this island? What does this place evoke? Which time structures exist here? Connections between nature and the urban environment of the island and its particular patterns will be drawn. Multiple perceptions resonate in the exhibited and performed works on visual, sonic and performatic levels.

This is the first Sound Art oriented multimedia art show in La Palma, Canary Islands. Site-specific artworks are presented in public at the exhibition space Sala O ́Daly in the capital town Santa Cruz de La Palma in April 2022. The project is a hybrid between sound pieces, multimedia art, performance art and installations. (Katharina Bévand, initiator of the Crater project)


Artist Residency 5. – 18.4.2022
Exhibition + Events @ Sala ODaly, Santa Cruz De La Palma 18.4 – 27.4.22
photo: Ivan Borisov
During my residency with Crater Project I was busy collecting field recordings from different parts of the island. Whether at Playa de Nogales, a beach that is difficult to access but tremendously beautiful, armed with handmade hydrophones and a professional sound recorder, or at the Roque de Los Muchachos Astrophysical Observatory next to the clouds. Although I toured the urban areas or the concrete sound resonances of the imposing Puerto Tazacorte, more than anything I focused on walking along natural trails full of vegetation, insects and rock formations that come from ancient lava, and the powerful force of the Atlantic Ocean.

I used all this material to prepare a sound performance that was presented to the public in the Sala O'Daly gallery in the center of the capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, an event parallel to the exhibition presenting works by the participants of the residency. I selected the sound material to be used with samplers controlled by several local potted plants that we were able to obtain after a little scouting in the area.
Parallel to these activities I had the opportunity to organize a small free workshop with the locals, in which people were invited to build their own DIY hydrophone and all materials were provided by us.
(Julio Lugon)
Portable studio at the residents' house in Puntallana
Sonic experiences and performances at Sala O'Daly gallery
Playa de Nogales
Roque de Los Muchachos Astrophysical Observatory
Puntallana soundwalks
Puerto Tazacorte
Soundwalk around Cascada De Los Tilos
Photos by Judith Gebhardt and Wikipedia commons
DIY Hydrophone Workshop at Palacio de Salazar, S/C de La Palma
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