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Chairs Unavailable for Humans
Philosophers Drinking Water
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Elephant Dung hits the Fan
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Elephant Meditations
All Things (or the fiction behind the creation of a symbol)
A Consistent Cube of Plastic Trash from Caribbean Seas

- Locate a big area of Caribbean sea where thousands of plastic objects float

- Collect x kg. of plastic and bring back to a city´s compressing factory

- Make a huge cube of plastic and present to an art audience

- Repeat until clean

(Later on, use the cubes to build plastic buildings)
Caroline Power Photography
Comoauto (Notes on a development in Stop-motion)
Aldi Love Song
Retòriques Urbanes
Animal Collectiveness
La Jungla de Aristóteles #3
Plant Rhythms and Transducer Orchestra
Palmera sobre Colom
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

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Elephant song
Disco Ball
Nylon Polycephalum
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Hipertaller n.1: El Nicho Ecológico del Sonido
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A Sonic Mirage
The Lair Guardian
LP 2007