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Mark Fisher as if he wanted to take the water and then just repositioning the glass and bottle on the table. Although he several times reached out his hand towards the water, it seemed as if a strange entity on stage was preventing him to drink it.
Ritmos de Planta
Donna Haraway drinking water
Steven Shaviro drinking water towards the end of his lecture while taking some questions from the audience.
Bruno Latour identifies the bottle and then drinks.
Iain Hamilton Grant enjoying a refreshing glass of water with his philosopher friends.
Terence McKenna, psychedelic philosopher who in this image is seen ingesting some liquid from a cup, which certainly contains some components of H20.
A second that is used, both as body hydration and to rethink what is being said.
Manuel De Landa drinks from a glass staring at the audience.
Philosopher of general pharmacopeia, Hamilton Morris, drinks from a white cup, on the table is a bottle of Fiji water.
Timothy Morton drinks water while talking about The Golden Stain of Time
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

Elephant Meditations
Judith Butler drinks water while talking about precarious life and the obligations of proximity (coincidence with Karen Christopher’s performance work: LINK)
Graham Harman drinks water during a talk about Black Holes in 2014
Slavoj Žižek drinking water directly from the garden hose
Luce Irigaray takes a sip of water as the translator speaks at her lecture "Comment Habiter Durablement Ensemble?"
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak drinks water during the Q and A of her talk about colonial repercussions.
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Philosophers Drinking Water

(web-based collection of jpgs and gifs, since 2018)

A list of screenshots and gifs portraying the moment when one has time to do a little cognitive fine-tuning before continuing to speak, while hydrating oneself. Philosophers drinking water starts around 2018 as a tribute-gesture dedicated to philosophers I enjoy listening to their lectures and spoken ideas.
Reza Negarestani drinking a large glass of water as he talks about Artificial Intelligence, Between Premises and Promises.
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