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Nylon Polycephalum (elephant meditations)

installation and performance at LOCALIZE Potsdam
Festival für Stadt, Kultur und Kunst - - „Center Shock“
17. Sep – 17. Okt 2020

A strange being with many heads and yellow in color inflates and deflates making alarming sounds only to later fall to the ground and let us hear the friction of its parts taking a break without knowing when the incessant cycle will start again with its unexpected sonic rhythms. The center of this polycephalum (many heads) artificial organism is precisely covering its entire body.
First concept proposal for Nylon Polycephalum >click here<<
Selected Paintings
Hipertaller n.1: El Nicho Ecológico del Sonido
Acousmatic Music and Loudspeaker Orchestras
Pira Lemu
DIY/Circuit bending
A Sonic Mirage
The Lair Guardian
LP 2007
Ritmos de Planta
Photos: sevens[+]maltry, LOCALIZE Festival 2020
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

Elephant Meditations
Wild little plant growing on synth grass