Julio Lugon
A Finite Sound
Medium project
Plastic Cube
Cinta Scotch
Chairs Unavailable to Humans
Philosophers Drinking Water
Aristotle´s Jungle
Radio Jurassic
Elephant Dung hits the Fan
Impossible cables/projects
All Things (or the fiction behind the creation of a symbol)
Comoauto (Notes on a development in Stop-motion)
Aldi Love Song
Retòriques Urbanes
Animal Collectiveness
La Jungla de Aristóteles #3
Palmera sobre Colom
Concurso Fototortas
Elephant song
Disco Ball
Nylon Polycephalum
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Selected Paintings
Hipertaller n.1: El Nicho Ecológico del Sonido
Acousmatic Music and Loudspeaker Orchestras
Pira Lemu
DIY/Circuit bending
A Sonic Mirage
The Lair Guardian
LP 2007
Clock Oscillator + AM/FM Modulator + Binary Divider Pattern Generator (with Corazon de Robota in Berlin)
DIY Oscillator with Gate Schmitt Trigger (CD4093) for modulation and Hex Schmitt Trigger (CD40106) for polyphony with AA..LL (Andrea Lange)
Simple DIY Oscillator with NE555 (555 timer IC)
DIY Leaf Audio´s BassTrommel (enhanced clone of TR-808 bassdrum) and Drone Synth (four CMOS logic gate based oscillators, a mixer, filter and a VCA)
1). Hacked Grundig CR120 tape recorder with PWM motor speed controller, and
2).Philips D6260 tape recorder with PWM motor speed controller and Sound on Sound switch (activate and deactivate eraserhead)
"Translation Device" for Aristotle´s Jungle sound installation. It consists of a hacked DIY Midi Sprout that is connected to an 8 channel electric Relay board, the Midi Sprout in addition to producing midi notes, now it can also control up to 8 electrical devices, which in this case were electric fans.

The Midi Sprout: The sensors are “psycho galvanometers” which graph changes in galvanic response (electrical “skin” conductance/resistance) by producing a square wave of variable frequency and pulse width. Built from a 555 timer IC and a handful of electronic components, each sensor is attached to a leaf on a particular plant using an electrode of silver wire and conductive gel.
Ritmos de Planta
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

Elephant Meditations