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Aristotle´s Jungle
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All Things (or the fiction behind the creation of a symbol)
Aristotle’s Jungle (2018)

Sound installation

Biosensor amplifier, relay system, houseplants, electric fans, lamps, contact microphones, sound mixer, loudspeakers

Through a system of cybernetic devices, plant photosynthesis is heard forming a sound narrative that also feeds itself through ventilators and light bulbs, generating a horizontal dialogue or bio-feedback system between organic beings and machines, somehow both working for air and light as whole purpose in itself through sound.

Predict the voice of a tropical rainforest back in 300 BC. Non-western philosophy... then.
How to detect a precarious reality in a futural sound material?
A "translation device" connected to a plant gives signal switching on/off 8 prepared sounding electric fans.
Translation device

This system uses the biological rhythm data from the plant to switch on and off an eight-channel electricity relay system through a custom-built biosensor amplifier developed on a microprocessor. The electric fans paired with a light lamp then get activated and deactivated.
Comoauto (Notes on a development in Stop-motion)
Aldi Love Song
Retòriques Urbanes
Animal Collectiveness
La Jungla de Aristóteles #3
Palmera sobre Colom
(«bonn hoeren – sonotopia» 1st. price winner installation)
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Elephant song
Disco Ball
Nylon Polycephalum
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Hipertaller n.1: El Nicho Ecológico del Sonido
Acousmatic Music and Loudspeaker Orchestras
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A Sonic Mirage
The Lair Guardian
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Sounds Not Invented Here
An Understanding of Sound Art
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Ritmos de Planta
W h a t e v e r F l o a t s Y o u r B o a t

Elephant Meditations